Un-Ideal Parenting Series Parenting. A Case Study of The Death of 10-Year-Old Raniya Wright


Un-Ideal Parenting Series: Learning is one of the free-est things in life: so, find out what you need and learn it. Children and protective services have a legal standing that causes parent and child separation: what could be worse. A court ruling and now public statement in filings making you a culprit with failure to protect and a host of other charges that impact your future, freedom, job, and social standing in the community. And although a need for family services started as children services and has elaborated to find fault in parenting.

In the beginning, DFPS was created because of child labor laws and later what happened to children in the home. Domestic violence ramped up. From children to women and preceding advocacy in family court as a "watcher" of families and children. This protection has moved from corporate labor laws to now families and parents under investigation with DFPS.

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We are a Dallas Cognitive Institute and With Healthy Families First (WHFF Broadcast & Media). In light of new facts about disproportionality (i.e., certain racial or cultural groups being over- or under-represented in the population) and irretrievable child abductions, our mission is to support families through recovery and help parents recover. Give them the opportunity to tell their story. Disproportionality is defined as "the over- or under-representation of a racial or ethnic group in the total population".

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