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PAID AD: The American family has undergone significant change in recent decades. There is no longer one predominant family form, and Americans are experiencing family life in increasingly diverse ways. In 1970, 67% of Americans ages 25 to 49 were living with their spouse and one or more children younger than 18.

Over the past five decades, that share ...Our 2024-2026 major project is in telling your story. Nothing heals more than understanding how to articulate events. Our job is working with parents in traumatic times to help them find voices acceptable in communities where help and support are available. Look for casting calls.

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WHFF.Radio full audio and video streaming services are ready for commericalization including ads and volume beginning Spring 2025

Don't worry about it. If you have a story to tell we want to hear it: and market it. For example, our 2024 campaign is working with broken families who have had the devastation of Departments and Divisions of State Legislative approved family courts. This includes parental alienation, narcissistic abuse, and limited parental rights because your mental/emotional trauma is held against you in court. Learn more

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No matter the size of yoru business, With Healthy Famliy First's [WHFF] position as the lead-in to television will help you reach your audience wherever they're streaming video and audio. Our friendly customer support team is available around the clock for technical assistance.

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