According to the American Bar Assoication:

Black children in the United States experience disproportionate involvement in the child welfare system, with higher rates of investigation, removal from their parents, and termination of parental rights compared to white children.

Black children in foster care are moved more frequently, receive fewer appropriate services, and are less likely to be reunited with their families compared to white children.

Federal laws, such as the CAPTA and mandated reporting requirements, contribute to racial discrimination and unequal outcomes in the child welfare system.

The United Nations’ CERD expressed concern about racial discrimination in the U.S. child welfare system and recommended amending or repealing laws and policies that disproportionately affect families of racial and ethnic minorities. Read More

Casting Call For Parents!

Understanding your separation of parent-child relationship. Digital casting is a process we use to fulfill production requirements for content. Just like an open call audition but from the comfort of your home using phone, tablet or computer.

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