About the Cognitive Institute of Dallas and “WHFF is a place right now where we encompass an idea of ‘what do you want your family to look like?” Parents Magazine talks about ‘the changing family in America”

.... and we are on the road to creating a million and possibly billion dollar company with the hope of positive structure, slow growth and huge ROI content for parents and families to learn from each other and entertain one another.” Dr. Levitch said. “We will become top industry leaders in scripted programming, live and documented series and we think our audience wants to know about it and see it come to life. We want to continue the evolution of technology through streaming and providing new innovative features and content for our customers in an international market.” Dr. Rachel Levitch comes together to support the restoration of families

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Another opportunity for parents success includes making positive partnerships with other groups in your community to building awareness and responsiveness in communities across Texas. Join your local chambers of commerce, schools and business alliances to look at the specific issues surrounding disproportionality and disparity in your area. Use local and community-level data to understand your unique challenges and build solutions together. Casting Call For Parents!

Understanding your separation of parent-child relationship. Digital casting is a process we use to fulfill production requirements for content. Just like an open call audition but from the comfort of your home using phone, tablet or computer.

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